A Clean First Impression

You would never dream of owning a car and never washing it. Your home or business is your biggest investment. Doesn't it deserve the same or better care than your car?

Dirt, pollutants and salt are attracted to your building's exterior like metal to a magnet. As wind blows across your home or business, it creates an electromagnetic bond with the surface that attracts airborne pollutants, just like a magnet. These pollutants sit on the surface, slowly breaking down and oxidizing the siding, damaging the exterior. A simple cleaning can remove the harmful elements and protect your building from damage, saving tens of thousands of dollars in repair costs over time.

When Nu-Shine Mobile Washing and Supplies cleans your home or business, we use the finest biodegradable detergents available in the marketplace, but that is not enough. Even more important, we know how to properly use them.

Many contractors use cleaners with a sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide base because they are cheap. But Hydroxides are caustic-based cleaners used in things like oven drain cleaners. Sure, they work, but they strip off a small layer of the surface or paint as they clean. And if not fully rinsed or mixed too strong, they can damage your surfaces.

With 26 years in the business, Nu-Shine has the expertise to safely and effectively clean your home or business!

What We Offer:

  • Variable Pressure Washing (allows for both high and low pressure)
  • Hot and Cold Water Systems
  • Vacuum Recovery System (for solids or liquids)
  • Attachments for cleaning a variety of surfaces
  • High quality cleaning solutions for a variety of surfaces
  • Years of Experience
“Consistently great cleaning service.”
Kelly Bladow
Fleet Manager, Oxarc, Inc.
Pasco, WA

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